I’ve got potential to do so much and I can’t seem to get out of my hole.. I’m probably gonna live the rest of my life working from job to job, struggling and not living up to my dreams. Why? Because I’m too fucking scared to. I’m too scared to go off on my own. I’m scared of putting myself out there and getting rejected by the world. I’m scared that maybe I’m really not good enough, that maybe working at a dead end job is what I’m supposed to be doing.
I want..no I need to stop being so scared, But that’s easier said than done..

I miss my bowl :c I fucking had to resort to carving an apple to smoke out of -.-

I need single friends. Or friends who don’t have shit relationships that they drag along with them everywhere they go. I mean seriously, the fucking fighting is annoying and embarrassing when we’re out in public. And I’m fucking tired of being a third wheel. No, I’m not having your shit anymore. I’m here in New York for two more weeks and if I can avoid you and your drama, I will.

Everyone should know about dry brushing. I’ve only been dry brushing my legs for 4 days and my skin has never looked this good. Not to mention that my cellulite has drastically improved, shit it’s barely there anymore. This along with my squat exercises and jump rope sessions and my legs will be ready for summer!